Cap Sealer Glossary

Mar 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Did You Know?

Ever wonder what the difference between “air-cooled” and “water-cooled” induction sealing is? Maybe what “tamper evident” means? Here you will find common phrases/terms found throughout the cap sealing industry.

Refers to induction cap sealers which do not require water to cool the induction sealing head.
Application Torque
The amount of torque on a cap required to achieve a good seal.
Eddy Currents
Currents induced in the body of a conducting mass by a variation in magnetic flux.
Electromagnetic Field
The field of influence produced around a conductor by the current flowing through it. These are sometimes referred to as flux lines in the design of a sealing head.
Induction Heating
The method of producing heat by subjecting a material to a variable electromagnetic field. Internal losses due to circulating eddy currents in the material cause it to heat up.
Power Supply
One component of an induction sealer. The power supply supplies power to the induction sealing head which generates the induction field required to seal containers.
Sealing Head
Part of the induction sealer which emits the induction field to heat the foil liner.
Single Piece Liner
The most common type of liner used. When applied to the container mouth it provides a hermetic seal with no residual part of the liner left in the cap.
Tamper Evident
Something that provides evidence that a package has been previously opened. To achieve tamper evidence there must be evidence left behind even if the tamper-evident device has been removed from the package.
Two Piece Liner
Creates a hermetic seal with one piece of the liner and leaves a residual liner piece in the cap as an extra barrier.
Water Cooled
Refers to induction sealers whichuse water to cool the sealing head

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