Eliminate leaks during shipping with induction seals

Jan 16th, 2012 | By | Category: Chemical Packaging, Field Applications

Induction Sealer seals containers at Bryson Industries

Its no wonder so many of today’s major retailers and distribution channels require packagers to take measures to prevent their packages form leaking. A leaking product can damage an entire pallet of products and create headaches during transportation and in the warehouse. And, if the container leaks when it is in the hands of the consumer,  customer disatisfaction will quickly result.

Induction cap seals offer a simple inexpensive soluton to preventing leaks. An induction sealer hermetically seals containers to ensure the contents stay inside during its journey to the consumer’s home. Recently a manufacturer of cleaning supplies landed a contract with a major television shopping network and quickly recognized a need for induction sealing.

Bryson Industries’ COO  Tommy Lancaster says “All products shipped for the television shopping network or any other customers that use UPS or FedEx are induction sealed for leak prevention with triggers included as separate packaging components. We now test one out of every 60 induction seals and find less than .001 percent to not be sealed properly. And usually it’s through no fault of the induction sealer.  We no longer get damage claims, so we’re able to keep our ‘on-time, every-time’ promise to our customers.”

Find out more about Bryson and their use of induction sealers to prevent leaks.

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