Cap Sealers for European Packagers

Feb 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Did You Know?

Cap sealers in Europe are used to help packagers and consumers reduce waste, preserve freshness and prevent leaks.

Induction sealed coffee jar

Induction sealed coffee jar

The packaging sectors in which cap sealers are most utilized include food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, household products, chemical, and other industrial areas.

Package design teams in Europe are using the benefits provided by induction sealers to reduce the pack weight of their containers.  This is primarily achieved by downsizing the material used in the cap and container neck. Since the induction seal prevents leaks and provides evidence of tampering there is no need for a plastic tear band and supporting structure in the container neck.

Food producers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Poland are heavily focused on increasing the shelf life of their products. The hermetic seal created by an induction foil sealer can preserve product freshness and extend shelf life. With the emerging distribution channels being developed  in Europe its clear that those who can provide an extended shelf life will win shelf space on the retail shelves.

Follow the link for more information on induction cap sealers available in Europe.

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