Creating an Induction Cap Sealer Operating Window

Feb 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Operating Tips

Examples of good, partial and failed induction seals

Setting an operating window for your induction cap sealer is key to maximizing productivity.

If you’ve invested in an induction cap sealer for your packaging line you expect every container on the line to leave your facility 100% hermetically sealed. The secret to success is optimizing your induction sealer with an operating window.

What’s an operating window?
When you set up your induction sealer you should follow an established protocol that identifies the highest and lowest settings on your induction sealer that allow you to acheive an acceptable seal. The range in between is your operating window.

There is a new free webinar and and video demonstrations focusing on setting up an operating window for your induction cap sealer. In addition to step by step instructions on how to set-up an operating window you’ll also find valuable information on learning how to identify a good seal and controlling other variables that can affect your  induction sealing success.

To learn how to improve your induction cap sealer productivity by setting up an operating window follow this link: induction cap sealer operating window webinar.

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